Skylight MC
Client Features


Combat Module
  • AimAssist, (Moves your cursor slowly towards enemies)
  • Teleport Aura, (Attacks around you in a wider range, by teleporting)
  • AntiBot, (Removes bots placed by the anticheat)
  • Aura, (Attacks enemies around you)
  • Autoclicker, (Clicks automatically)
  • Backtrack, (Allows you to hit players in their position from previous ticks)
  • Criticals, (Guarantees a critical hit)
  • DelayRemover, (Removes 1.8 Hit delay)
  • Reach, (Increases your reach distance)
  • TargetStrafe, (Strafes automatically around your targets while speed is enabled)
  • Teams, (Stops modules from attacking teammates)
  • Tickbase, (Inserts extra ticks in certain situations)
  • Velocity, (Modifies your knockback)
  • WTap (Automatically lets go of w, and pressed it again after hitting a target, to increase knockback dealt)
Movement Module
  • Flight, (Allows you to fly)
  • Blink, (Allows you to manipulate the delay between packets sent to the server)
  • Glide, (Allows you to fall slowly)
  • InventoryMove, (Allows you to interact in your inventory without stopping your movement)
  • LongJump, (Allows you to jump further)
  • NoSlowdown, (Doesnt slow your movement while using items)
  • Safewalk, (Stops you from falling off edges)
  • Speed, (Increases your movement)
  • Sprint, (Sets you to always sprint)
  • Step (Allows you to walk up more than half a block)
Player Module
  • NoFall, (Reduces, or removes fall damage)
  • AntiVoid, (Stops you from falling into the void)
  • AutoArmour, (Automatically equips armour)
  • AutoGap, (Automatically eats golden apples)
  • AutoPlace, (Places blocks beneath the player)
  • AutoPot, (Automatically throws health potions)
  • AutoSoup, (Automatically eats soups to heal)
  • AutoTool, (Switchs to the fastest tool for the specific block you're breaking)
  • FastPlace, (Allows you to modify the place delay of blocks)
  • InventoryManager, (Manages your inventory for you)
  • Stealer, (Takes all items from chests)
  • Timer (Increases your game speed)

Visual Module
  • Arraylist, (Displays all the active modules)
  • BlockAnimations, (Animates your sword when you block)
  • Camera, (Manipulates your camera)
  • Chams, (Allows you to see players through walls)
  • ClickGui, (UI to interact with modules)
  • ESP, (Renders a box around players)
  • Freelook, (Allows you to move your camera freely without changing your movement direction)
  • Fullbright, (Brightens everything)
  • IngameInfo, (Displays your information, movement speed, etc.)
  • Keystrokes, (Displays what keys you're currently pressing)
  • Logs, (Internal display of client logs)
  • NameProtect, (Hides your username and replaces it with "You")
  • Rotations, (Shows rotations that the client has manipulated")
  • TimeChanger, (Changes the time for the client, to night, or morning)
  • TargetHUD, (Displays information about the target you're attacking)
  • Watermark, (Displays a watermark on the screen)
  • Xray (Shows valuable ores, while hiding the other blocks)
World Module
  • Breaker, (Breaks beds through blocks)
  • Recorder, (Records movements, and replays them)
  • Scaffold, (Manipulates your bridging to be much faster)
Exploit Modules
  • Disabler, (Disables some anticheat checks)
  • StrafeFix (Makes strafing client-side)
Miscellaneous Modules
  • AutoLogin, (Automatically registers on some servers)
  • Autoplay, (Joins a new game after finishing one)
  • SelfDestruct (Returns client back to vanilla minecraft, in hoping not to get caught)